CNC Milling

(Computer Numerical Control)


Wire EDM

(Electrical Discharge Machining) 



(Coordinate Measuring Machine)

International Machine & Tool designs and manufactures fixtures, and gauges.  We have the ability to take your project from initial concept through design, manufacture, and delivery.  Whether your requirements are large or small, IMT has the personnel, equipment, and dedication to customer satisfaction that will insure that your company's needs are met accurately, reliably and on time.  Since 1989 it's been our basic approach that makes the difference.  We are constantly measuring our capabilities, experience, equipment and personnel by our ability to provide you with the service and quality that will impact your bottomline positively.

 In addition to having  the best precision craftsmen on staff, we also take pride in the fact that we are able to stay current on all of our equipment.  We have the very latest machines available and are constantly increasing our range of services to ensure our customers recieve the highest quality product possible.


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54 Industrial Park Dr. Hendersonville TN 37075


Our CNC Lathes are ideal for one piece or high volume production.


With a 20' x 40' table capability, virtually all milling, drilling and tapping operations are completed in-house.


Having toolmakers with a wide range of talent and manufacturing experience makes us a quality choice for your business.